The Directors of the H.I.T. Academy would like to present to the owners and coaches of club lacrosse the concept of a private training camp for their travel/all-star teams in addition to individuals training that compete at top-level recruiting tournaments.


H.I.T. Academy (Hard – Intelligent – Technique) was developed for those players who are looking to gain an advantage.

We will train you Hard – All training is done at the speed and intensity of a top-level college practice or game, with the focus and purpose to achieve maximum results. You will train as hard as our college players so you see what it takes to play lacrosse at the next level. All sessions, skills, drills and scrimmages are up-tempo, fast-paced, and designed to bring out your best.


We will train you Intelligently – Great college players are the ones that have a strong “lacrosse IQ” coming out of high school. Our goal is to help create intelligent players ready for the college game. Your athletes will become students of the game through our specifically designed and organized training sessions. Everything you do during our training sessions will be game-like and designed for performance enhancement. You will learn the nuances of the game that will put each player into a position to succeed.


We will train you with proper Technique – Recruiting tournaments are much like an open job interview. We will teach you the same techniques and skills we teach our college athletes. You cannot be a great player without having great technique! We know what college coaches are looking for in potential recruits. Shooting, dodging, checks, offense, and defense, nothing will be overlooked!


As the landscape of recruiting constantly changes, the HIT Academy will always offer a consistent, dependable approach to the development of your athletes. We will make your players recognizable and highly desirable. As the game has grown exponentially on the high school level, there are an increasingly limited number of spots available on college rosters. It is our goal to give your players every advantage as they compete for one of those spots.


The game is filled with contenders and pretenders; we will make absolutely sure you are a contender!


“The HIT Academy provided my teammates and I with great instruction, life-skill seminars, and an organized platform to play other teams.  All in all, I had a great experience at HIT and left a better player because of exceptional coaching.”

- Will De Bord, 2012 Commit to Air Force



Justin Axel
Chris Hasbrouck
HIT Academy Directors